Dollar U Scheduling Tool

Dollar University

This is another lesser known workload automation tool. It has changed hands multiple times over the years. It doesn’t have an incredibly long history either. It could be a good contender in years to come. The Dollar U Scheduling tool is promoted as a contender against IBM’s TWS. They seem to make a good case for this and they may be worth checking out. If they can go up against a workload automation tool like Tivoli Workload Automation, chances are that they can also hold their own against Tidal. As we say with most job schedulers, a major plus is that it isn’t TES. Check out thier product site here: Automic

ORSYP - Dollar U

Interesting story: Dollar U Scheduling Tool was originally created by a company called ORSYP. Then, ORSYP was aquired by another company called Automic. Not too long after Automic itself was then acquired by CA Technologies though they still seem to keep the same branding, at least for the moment. Before all of this ORSYP had acquired Steamcore Systems. It is unclear if they had actually had a part in creating Dollar University or not.