ORSYP Dollar Universe

Small and New Job Scheduler

This is one of the newer enterprise job schedulers out there. It is worth a look. It seems to be reasonably well featured and positioned to be compared to larger more established competitors. ORSYP Dollar Universe has a lot of potential even if it does have a goofy name. It is described as scalable, agile, and performant. If even half of this is to be believed, it may make a great alternative to Tidal Enterprise Scheduler. It is promoted as providing real-time, event-driven automation. They focus on cost reduction, innovation, and growth.

Dollar U Compared to TWS

You can find a great doc geared towards comparing these two products here: Dollar U vs TWS. It has a chart comparing TWS features with Dollar U features. It seems to come out as the clear winner although it is obviously a little biased when you consider the source and who created the chart. It would be nice to see a similar chart comparing this product to Tidal Enterprise Scheduler. If such a thing existed they might have to mention the GUI and productivity gains vs productivity losses. That is always important to consider with any tool especially a tool designed for workload automation.

ORSYP Dollar Universe Now Owned by CA

This tool is now owned by CA and is branded as Automic Dollar Universe. CA may breath new life into the product or they may just as well leave it to crumble. There is the possibility that they will just try to squeeze what profits they can out of it before discarding it forever. There is also the possibility that they will build it up better than ever and start to take a share of the market away from bigger tools such as AutoSys, Control-M, or TWS. Who knows? One thing worth remembering, it isn’t Tidal Enterprise Scheduler.